Going through hell

hell art

If you’re going through hell, don’t turn back, keep going and going

We make a big mistake if we turn back when we are part way through hell. Because turning back means the ‘horrible’ circumstances are wasted, are for nothing.

Keep on going until you get to the other side of the tortuous situation. Keep moving through it.

Nothing stays the same so hell will pass like everything else passes. Take some comfort in that. Know that you can and will bear through it, no matter how bad it feels or seems. Get help if you can.

When you get through you’ll look back and realise you can survive anything. You’ll know you have courage, persistence and the tenacity to see things through no matter how difficult. It is empowering and strengthening to know that you are capable of keeping going when the going gets rough.

By the law of averages it’s unlikely you’ll go through hell again anytime soon.

Better things are ahead. Trust in that, even if it seems impossible to imagine. In nature rainbows follow thunderstorms, then the air becomes fresh and clear, plants sparkle, birds sing.

Make your way through your hell till you reach the other side where things are going to be better. Don’t stop till you find your rainbows.

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