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Q1 What materials are used?

Paintings are in oils or acrylics. Generally I use cotton canvases with either narrow or deep sides depending on the size of the work. Larger canvases are deep edged for stability. For smaller works I use canvas boards or other sturdy material. Canvases have hanging wire attached so you can put up the work immediately. The purchaser is responsible for framing paintings on boards. Paintings are lightly coated with a matte varnish for long life and protection from dust which can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

In mosaics I use various types of tesseraeĀ  (some are found objects), strong adhesives and grout on pots, boards or other surfaces.

Pottery is made using kaolin clay, high or low fired, glazes including metallic lustres.

Q2 How do colours of paintings differ from photos online?

Despite best efforts to provide accurate rendition of the colours of paintings online, the colour of actual paintings differs from their online photos. This is due to how cameras, devices and screens capture colours. In general purples tend to look bluish online. To ensure satisfaction of your purchase the paintings are best viewed in the studio to avoid colour variation issues.

Paintings change appearance under different types of lighting in rooms illuminated by artificial light. In the main, my paintings are created in natural light. So natural lighting will generally give your purchased painting the colours that were intended. Fluro lights impart a greenish tinge. Warm LEDs, halogens or incandescents (if still used) give a warm glow where greens and blues lose some of their cool tone. White LEDs can be similar to daylight. Beware of bright lights of any kind directly hitting a painting and creating glare on one spot.

Note how good paintings look in galleries where the lighting is carefully positioned to illuminate paintings indirectly, using warm or cool tones depending on the atmosphere desired and in order to enhance colours. This manipulation of light can be achieved at home or office. If unsure ask a lighting specialist.

Q3 From where does Eli Sky draw inspiration?

My paintings are inspired by my local surroundings and places I visit all over the world. I live near the sea and close to mountains. On most days I watch the sun rise over the ocean and observe life on the nearly deserted beaches where I walk. Photographing scenes of interest is where my paintings begin. Some paintings come purely from imagination when an image/vision arises unexpectedly. These latter have deeper significance for me.

Mosaics and pottery present occasional welcome distractions from painting. Making art is enjoyable and rewarding even when it is hard going physically and mentally.

My Paintings are influenced by realist painters mostly, fantasy painters (eg pre raphaelites), impressionists, expressionists, landscape painters, portrait painters, primitives eg Rousseau.

Q4 How can art be purchased?

Paintings can be purchased by contacting Eli Sky Art Works directly via email using the form on the “Contact” page. At this stage paintings are not couriered. They need to be picked up in person. This aids in ensuring customer satisfaction when you are satisfied that you are getting what you see.